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Extended Warranty

We bring to you, a program to secure your car against unforeseen breakdowns and repair bills, even after the original warranty is over. You can extend your original warranty by one or two more years through our Susee Auto Ltd Extended Warranty Program. This will cover mechanical and electrical breakdown on your Tata Vehicle and it starts immediately after expiry of the original warranty.

You can purchase the Extended Warranty from any Susee Auto Ltd Authorized showroom or workshop- at any dealership of your choice.

We strongly recommend purchase of Extended Warranty at time of purchase of your vehicle so that you can save on the surcharge that is levied beyond 90 days from date of sale of the vehicle.


Affordable Premiums -The Extended Warranty protection is provided at a very competitive cost

  • Peace of Mind against unexpected and often unbudgeted financial expenses on account of breakdown
  • Quality Repairs - You can be assured that your vehicle is repaired in the best way at our Susee Auto Ltd Authorized Workshops
  • Near cashless & speedy claim settlement - parts and labour included with minimum documentation
  • Anywhere, Everywhere - Service can be availed at any Susee Auto Ltd authorized workshops
  • Increased Vehicle Resale value -The balance of the warranty transferable when the vehicle is sold to a new private owner

Pricing and Term

Your warranty can be extended by either one more year or two years and upto 1,50,000 km, whichever is earlier. You can buy an Extended Warranty upto 14 months from the Date of Sale of the vehicle within 40,000 km travel of your vehicle. 

Extended Warranty Term : 


Warranty EW Option 1 EW Option 2
Indica 24 months / 75,000 km 36 months / 1,50,000 km 48 months / 1,50,000 km
Indica Vista 24 months / 75,000 km 36 months / 1,50,000 km 48 months / 1,50,000 km
Indigo 24 months / 75,000 km 36 months / 1,50,000 km 48 months / 1,50,000 km
Indigo Manza 24 months / 75,000 km 36 months / 1,50,000 km 48 months / 1,50,000 km
Safari Dicor/ Sumo Grande/ Venture 24 months / 75,000 km 36 months / 1,50,000 km 48 months / 1,50,000 km
Sumo 18 months / unlimited km 30 months / 1,50,000 km 42 months / 1,50,000 km
Sumo Gold / Aria / Safari Storme 36 months / 1,00,000 km 48 months / 1,50,000 km

Extended Warranty Pricing* :

At just Rs. 5 per day, you get benefits of over Rs. 3 lacs!!

Peace of mind at just 1% of vehicle cost!!

Pay a small amount today and save yourself from unforeseen huge expenses in the future!!

Additional 1 year or upto 150000 km
(whichever is earlier)
0-90 days 91-180 days 181-421 days
Indica / Indica Vista 4950 5445 5940
Indigo / Indigo Manza 5350 5885 6420
Sumo / Venture 6450 7095 7740
Safari 2.2 / Sumo Grande 7090 7799 8508
Sumo GOLD 8950 9845 10740
Aria / Safari Storme 7000 7490 7875
Zest 8200 8200 8200
Bolt Diesel XE,XM 5950 6545 7140
Bolt Diesel XMS XT 6750 7425 8100
Bolt Petrol XE,XM 5000 5500 6000
Bolt Petrol XMS,XT 6000 6600 7200

Additional 2 years or upto 150000 km
(whichever is earlier)
0-90 days 91-180 days 181-421 days
Indica / Indica Vista 5950 6545 7140
Indigo / Indigo Manza 6490 7139 7788
Sumo / Venture 7450 8195 8940
Safari 2.2 / Sumo Grande 7950 8745 9540

*Inclusive of Service Tax

Extended warranty does not apply to vehicles used for shuttles, delivery vehicles, driving schools, emergency services, ambulance, any kind of timed competition or race, or off road service


Some examples of parts covered are :

Engine - Cylinder head, crankshaft, flywheel, camshaft, pistons, connecting rod, distributor drive

Clutch - Clutch pressure plate, clutch disc, master and slave cylinder, etc. (Any breakdown covered up to 50,000 km, from 1st km)

Transmission - Internal gears, synchromesh rings and hub, selector forks, gear lever and bushes, etc. (failure due to worn or burn out clutches and bands are not covered)

Cooling System - Radiator, water pump, thermostat, etc.

Steering System - Rack and pinion, steering box, shaft bearings, power steering pump, etc.

Final drive - Crown wheel and pinion, differential gears, Rear Disc brakes, etc.

Front wheel drive - Drive shaft and couplings, constant velocity joints, drive flange, transfer case

Fuel System - Fuel pump, deceleration valve, Fuel rail, fuel pressure regulator, injectors, Assembly fuel injection pump, high pressure pump, common rail, high pressure pipes, throttle body, etc.

Brake System - Servo, master cylinder, wheel cylinder, diesel vacuum pump, calipers, discs (excluding brake pads/liners), drums, handbrake lever and ratchet, etc.

Suspension - Shock absorbers, bush, control arms, upper, sub frame, etc. ( Any claim is limited to 50,000 km only- from 1st km)

Exhaust system - Secondary air pump, EGR valve, etc.

Intake System - Assembly throttle body, air mass flow meter, Air intake throttle, oil separator, etc.

Ignition System - Ignition switch, Immobilizer ECU, etc.

Electricals - Starter motor and solenoid, alternator, panel switches and instruments, driver information system, body control module, window winding controller etc.

Air Conditioning - Compressor, condenser, AC control panel, etc.

* For detailed list of parts covered, please contact your nearest workshop for the Extended Warranty Booklet.

Owner's responsibility

The vehicle must have been serviced as per periodic maintenance schedule from Susee Auto Ltd authorized dealers / Service Centres, service points or service outlets

  • The intervals between scheduled services must not exceed stipulated mileage more than as mentioned in Extended warranty booklet
  • The Extended Warranty registration form is completely filled in at the time of application
  • Present Owner's manual and extended warranty booklet to Susee Auto Ltd Dealer/Authorized workshop while requesting inspection or claiming repairs under Extended Warranty
  • If the extended warranty booklet is lost or destroyed, the owner should contact a Susee Auto Ltd.


Concorde motors will not accept any liability for any loss, damage or injury of whatsoever nature sustained by any person(s), property or vehicles(s), including the vehicle detailed in the registration form, caused by or arising out of or in way connected with motor vehicle accidents, fire, storm, flood, theft, chemicals, contamination, environmental, hazards, vandalism, windstorm, damage, explosion, fire, freezing, fuels, lightening, road hazards, tsunami or any other natural calamities, war, civil war, civil rebellion, invasion, insurrection, hostilities, confiscation, nationalization, or loss resulting from order of government or local authority, ionizing radiation or contamination by radioactivity malicious damage or any other loss, damage or liability not otherwise specially covered.

  • Concorde motors will not accept any liability for damage caused by lack of servicing, abuse or the continued use of the vehicle after any fault has become evident or for consequential loss of a part not covered by the extended warranty
  • Normal maintenance services including without limitation, oil and fluid changes, wheel alignment, headlight aiming, wheel balancing, tightening mountings, tyre rotation, tyre inflation, engine tuning, engine overhauls, clutch and brake settings, universal joints, clutch & brake overhaul, valve clearance settings, brushes kit and alternator brush kit, wiper motor brush kit, differential back lash setting, replacement and adjustment of bolts
  • Normal maintenance service items including without limitation, bulbs, fuses, battery tyres, tubes, brake lining, internal parts of brake master cylinder and wheel cylinder, belts (other than timing belt), hoses, filters, wiper blades, bushes, oil and coolants
  • Items having limited life like clutch, brake liners and pads
  • Any repair service required as a result of accident

* For detailed list of exclusions, please contact your nearest workshop for the Extended Warranty Booklet.

For further assistance, please contact our Workshop Service Marketing Executives.